Introducing the Goldschmidt2023 Bloggers

Lyon’s Congress Center is about to host the 33rd Goldschmidt conference. Geochemists and scientists working on related subjects eagerly await the annual, international meeting organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society. The organizers have assembled a team of writers to cover the science and social activities of the conference. If you are attending in person or online, it will also be a way to catch up major Goldschmidt highlights. EAG’s team of Goldschmidt2023 bloggers, introduced below, will be posting throughout the week, so keep an eye out here for all their posts.

Please meet Josua, Ocea, Pablo, Ruth, and Thaïs.


Josua Pakulla

Hello! I am currently working and doing my PhD at the University of Cologne (Germany) since 2022. I actually began working in the Geo- and Cosmochemistry group at the University of Cologne shortly after I started my Bachelor in 2019 and was lucky to gain a lot of experience in separating elements using column chemistries, developing and improving analytical protocols, and measurements using ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS. Currently, I am conducting isotope and trace element measurements to investigate the temporal evolution of mantle plumes. This is my first time attending Goldschmidt in person, however, I did attend online since 2020 (Hawaii). I will hold a talk in session 2fO3 and hope to see you there! Cheers Josua.

Ocea van Loenen


I’m Ocea and I just finished my masters in Marine Sciences from Utrecht University. In the fall I will start my PhD at the LSCE (France) on the effects of extreme events on the particle and carbon fluxes in coastal ocean ecosystems. It is my first time going to Goldschmidt and I am very excited about it. I look forward to the workshops, talks, and poster sessions and of course to being a blogger as well. Salut!

Pablo Forjanes

¡Buenos días, amigos! I am Pablo Forjanes and I’m currently a postdoctoral research associate at the GeoForshungsZentrum (GFZ), in the beautiful city of Potsdam. I am a mineralogist and, during my thesis, I studied how minerals undergo transformations when there is a fluid around. I have spent several years understanding the parameters that determine the viability and kinetics of fluid-driven mineral replacement reactions and the textures that these reactions produce in the minerals. Now, in Potsdam, I continue with my line of research and, in addition, I have joined the Deep Purple project, where we study what is causing the rapid darkening and decay of the Greenland Ice Sheet. This is my fourth time at Goldschmidt, but my first time as a blogger! I hope to see you all there

Ruth Delina

Hi! I am Ruth, a doctoral student at the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany. I am interested in how toxic heavy metals behave in mining-impacted areas, what controls their cycling, and in turn, their environmental implications. My work focuses on the environmental geochemistry and mineralogy of chromium in nickel laterite areas, the world’s largest source of nickel. I am excited to present my work on mine tailings on Monday at Session 11a and to talk about science and fun as your EAG blogger. Safe travels and see you in Lyon!

Thaïs Couasnon

Bonjour! I am currently a postdoctoral research associate at the GeoForshungsZentrum. My research focuses on (bio)mineral formation and transformation that controls elemental mobility and toxicity in industrial and environmental settings. I also like to develop new tools and methods to investigate the water-mineral interactions in situ. It will be my second trip to Goldschmidt, and my first experience as a blogger. That will also be my first experience as a session co-convener: Session 6a “Advances in analytical methods, microscopies, spectroscopies, and machine learning to investigate environmental interfaces at all scales”. See you there!