Non-academic careers in geochemistry and related topics

Why do you wake up in the morning?


I am deeply convinced that professional success depends on two key parameters: passion and awareness. Passion is keeping the inner fire burning as soon as you wake up before a day at work, whereas awareness of all the career options and opportunities available enables you to dispel the doubts that stand in the way of your professional goals within years. Thus, it is important to have a clear overview of the various career options available to make the best choices. Naturally, a career path can also be non-linear, and keeping an eye on the potential career paths available in science is essential.


Here is a compilation of testimonials from geochemists working outside academic science to explore the various options. Each of them tells the journey that led the interviewees to work where they are today after an early career researcher experience. Their shared experience in diverse fields, such as education, public policy, climate tech, science communication and management, museum conservation or laboratory engineering, may help you to discover a new job title, a transition approach or, on the contrary, convince you to fight for a permanent academic position.


What about you, where do you want to spend your enthusiasm and energy?