What makes academia continually worth it?

Maybe you’re a graduating PhD student who’s contemplating between an academic and non-academic career path or a postdoc who’s seeking a tenure-track position. You’re probably reading this because at some point in your life, or perhaps even multiple times, you’ve pondered this very question. Knowing the realities in academia, a participant in the “Academic mobility and work-life balance” Early Career Workshop, stood up and asked this very important question that we are all itching to know the answer to.


The panelists, Susan, Rich, and Cécile, highlighted two words: FREEDOM and STIMULATION. If you don’t want a boss, academia offers a lot of independence. You may get the opportunity to work on what you want, design your own research or project and navigate it with your own timeline. If you’re someone who thrives as a lifelong learner and seeks constant mental stimulation, pursuing an academic career will bring you a deep sense of fulfillment.


Academia is a path full of ebbs and flows. Fortunately, Susan left very nice pieces of advice for us – notice what makes you happy and try to design your day and add more of that positive energy and in case your job doesn’t reward you anymore, it’s maybe time to rethink and do something else


How about you? What makes academia continually worth it for you? Let us know what you think by sharing this blog.